Wait is that Miss Paris Hilton…oops no it is not…it is Paris’s developing little sister Carrie Underwood who is slowly turning into a look a like of the Hilton Heiress.

Carrie, sweet small town gal, is now Hollywood’s version of what sweet is suppose to look like. Starting with her roots on down, The former American Idol contestant has shed her real down to earth image, and has embark on fake hair to her fake smile. All she is missing in this picture is a matching little dog by her side in a dog purse. She has also shed enough pounds to be thin enough to finally fit in with rest of Tinsel Town’s thin squad.

The money Carrie Underwood has brought in has surely made her be able to afford the bling bling but apparently not enough money to afford just a good hair dye job. If Carrie went any more blonder she would disappear in her own fakeness of beauty. The best part is her feeling it is necessary to “appear” she is actually talking to someone on her phone, so sad. It is quite pathetic to see such a young lady with a big voice with such a small brain to worry only about appearances..please Miss Carrie…get over yourself and over your new found wealth in fakeness.